Twin Town (1997)

Directed by
Kevin Allen

Shot entirely on location in Swansea, this film is an outrageous comedy. The broad array of characters include the two bent police officers, Terry (Dougray Scott) and Greyo (Dorien Thomas) and terrible twins, Julian (Llyr Evans) and Jeremy Lewis (Rhys Ifans, of Notting Hill fame), who spend their days on a caravan site in a drug-fuelled daze. Plus, successful local businessman Bryn Cartwright (William Thomas) who dotes on his daughter Bonny (Jenny Evans) and has the two policemen in his pocket.

The calm setting of Swansea's old semi-detached housing estates is soon torn apart by the two young Lewis lads who race through the neighbourhood in a two tone BMW 525. Their dysfunctional family scrapes together a living from their dole money and the odd-jobs offered to their father, Fatty (Huw Ceredig). The boys have long since turned to drug abuse and car theft leading a happy-go-lucky life in downtown no-hoper city.

However, things soon turn nasty when Fatty (Huw Ceredig), is hospitalised following an accident while working for Bryn. The twins soon seek compensation and when this is refused, attempt to gain revenge by spectacularly upstaging Bonny at a karaoke competition. Things gradually escalate into an all out war when each side takes further acts of retribution against the other, leading eventually to decapitation, murder and male voice choirs (?).

Director, Kevin Allen insists; "This film is not a Welsh film. It has an intrinsic Welshness because we set it in Swansea and we wanted to make it as authentic as possible. But the story is universal. The core of the story is revenge and that local, provincial corruption and skulduggery that you get all over Britain."

Written by ,

Genre: Film

Running Time: 100 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1997

3/5 Stars

Classification: 18 Certificate

Production Country: UK

Filmed in Colour


Llyr Ifans...Julian Lewis
Image for Rhys IfansRhys Ifans...Jeremy Lewis
Dorien Thomas...Greyo
Image for Dougray ScottDougray Scott...Terry Walsh
Buddug Williams...Mrs. Mort
Ronnie Williams...Mr. Mort
Huw Ceredig...Fatty Lewis
Rachel Scorgie...Adie Lewis
Di Botcher...Jean Lewis
Mary Allen...Olive
Paul Durden...Taxi Driver
Image for David HaymanDavid Hayman...Dodgy
Kevin Allen...TV Presenter
Image for Brian HibbardBrian Hibbard...Dai Reese
Morgan Hopkins...Chip Roberts
Sion Tudor Owen
Helen Griffin
Danny Durden
Jenny Evans
Sue Roderick