The 6th Day (2000)

Directed by
Roger Spottiswoode

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this sci-fi action thriller, set in the not too distant future, where the cloning of livestock, fish and other animals is commonplace. However, the cloning of humans isn't allowed, and when helicopter pilot Adam Gibson (Schwarzenegger) survives a near-fatal accident, he is shocked to arrive back at his home to find a clone has replaced him.

Gibson is soon plunged into a sinister world where assassins are hell-bent on wiping him out. He's also completely unaware that he is merely a pawn in an illegal cloning operation that is being masterminded by billionaire businessman Michael Drucker Tony Goldwyn and scientist Griffin Weir Robert Duvall.

Ruthlessly hunted by Drucker's evil henchmen, Gibson must stay alive long enough to get to the bottom of the mystery of why he's been replicated - a mission made partially easier when he teams up with his clone and the bad guys are forced to battle against not one Arnie but two as the film reaches its explosive, chillling climax.

Released in 2000 and directed by Roger Spottiswoode, the action is fast and furious. Highly recommended.

Written by ,

Genre: Film

Production Year: 2000

3/5 Stars

Classification: 15 Certificate

Production Country: USA/Canada

Filmed in Colour


Image for Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger...Adam Gibson
Michael Rapaport...Hank Morgan
Tony Goldwyn...Michael Drucker
Image for Michael RookerMichael Rooker...Robert Marshall
Sarah Wynter...Talia Elsworth
Wendy Crewson...Natalie Gibson
Rodney Rowland...P. Wiley
Image for Terry CrewsTerry Crews...Vincent
Ken Pogue...Speaker Day
Image for Colin CunninghamColin Cunningham...Tripp
Image for Robert DuvallRobert Duvall...Dr. Griffin Weir
Wanda Cannon...Katherine Weir
Taylor-Anne Reid...Clara Gibson
Jennifer Gareis...Virtual Girlfriend
Don McManus...RePet Salesman