PG certificatePlan 9 From Outer Space is a Film programme that first aired in 1959 and has been classified a PG certificate.

Plan 9 From Outer Space is a 2 star programme

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Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)

Directed by
Edward D. Wood Jr.

Often celebrated as the worst science fiction film ever, this film which inspired the Tim Burton biopic about the director, Ed Wood, has undeniable cult status.

Wood was famous for using two minutes of film featuring a silent Bela Lugosi as Ghoul Man, then replacing Lugosi with his wife's homeopathic healer.

As he looked nothing like Lugosi the replacement Ghoul Man had to carry a cloak in front of him at all times, this alone makes it is easy to see how the film gained its reputation!

The plot, such as it is, is based on the attempt by aliens to conquer Earth using human zombies as their foot soldiers. So bad it's funny.

Written by

Genre: Film

Running Time: 100 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1959

2/5 Stars

Classification: PG Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Black and White


Gregory Walcott...Jeff Trent
Mona McKinnon...Paula Trent
Duke Moore...Lt. John Harper
Tom Keene...Col. Tom Edwards
Carl Anthony...Patrolman Larry
Paul Marco...Patrolman Kelton
Tor Johnson...Insp. Dan Clay
Dudley Manlove...Eros
Joanna Lee...Tanna
John Breckinridge...The Ruler
Lyle Talbot...General Roberts
David de Mering...Danny
Norma McCarty...Edith
Bill Ash...Captain
Reverend Lynn Lemon...Minister at Insp. Clay's Funeral
Ben Frommer...Mourner
Gloria Dea...Mourner
Conrad Brooks...Patrolman Jamie
Vampira...Vampire Girl
Bela Lugosi...Ghoul Man