My Family's Secret is a Film programme that first aired in 2010.

Image for the Film programme "My Family's Secret"

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My Family's Secret (2010)

Directed by
Curtis Crawford

When her husband attempts suicide believing he was involved in his younger sister's death, the young wife visits his home town in search of answers from his family. She meets and grows close to his timid brother, who has dissociative identity disorder. As she begins to get closer to the truth, however, she realises that she may be in danger as she has inadvertently angered one of the brother's personalities, and he will do anything to keep the past buried.

Genre: Film

Production Year: 2010

Filmed in Colour


Peter MacNeill
Nicholle Tom
Janet-Laine Green
Dylan Neal
Philip Riccio
Paul McCarthy-Boyington
Claudia Jurt
Cinthia Burke