PG certificateMars Needs Moms is a Film programme that first aired in 2011 and has been classified a PG certificate.

Image for the Film programme "Mars Needs Moms"

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Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Directed by
Simon Wells

Animated adventure based on the children's book by Berkeley Breathed.

When nine-year-old Milo (Seth Green) avoids eating his broccoli by feeding it to the cat, his mother (Joan Cusack) is not pleased. Following a sharp telling off, Milo wishes that he didn't have a mum and, in a peculiar turn of events, his wish is granted when she is abducted by Martians. The Martians, it transpires, are no good at rearing their young and need Earth mums to do the job.

Unfortunately, the process involves transferring their minds to nanny robots and disintegrating what's left. As Milo stows away on the spaceship that's transporting his mum to Mars, he finds himself thrown into an amazing interplanetary adventure.

On reaching the planet, Milo meets Gribble (Dan Fogler), a portly Earthling who has been stranded on Mars for 20 years, and Ki (Elisabeth Harnois) a sympathetic Martian with hippy tendencies, and with their help sets out to save his mum before it's too late.

Written by ,

Genre: Film

Production Year: 2011

Classification: PG Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Colour


Image for Seth GreenSeth Green...Milo
Image for Dan FoglerDan Fogler...Gribble
Image for Joan CusackJoan Cusack...Mom
Image for Elisabeth HarnoisElisabeth Harnois...Ki
Mindy Sterling...Supervisor
Kevin Cahoon...Wingnut
Image for Tom Everett ScottTom Everett Scott...Dad
Jacquie Barnbrook...Martian
Matthew Henerson...Martian
Adam Jennings...Martian
Stephen Kearin...Martian
Amber Gainey Meade...Martian
Aaron Rapke...Martian
Julene Renee...Martian
Kirsten Severson...Martian