18 certificateHybrid is a Film programme that first aired in 1997 and has been classified a 18 certificate.

Hybrid is a 2 star programme

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Hybrid (1997)

Directed by
Fred Olen Ray

When security dispatcher Aaron Scates (Cory Monteith)is blinded in an explosion, he's put in the care of Dr Andrea Hewlitt (Justine Bateman) famous in her field for spearheading extraordinary, though controversial, medical breakthroughs. Her latest project is cross-species organ transplants, and Aaron is her first human subject.

When a severely wounded wolf is brought to Dr Hewlitt's office by museum curator Lydia Armstrong (Tinsel Korey), Dr Hewlitt leaps on the opportunity and successfully transplants the wolf's eyes to Aaron, despite Armstrong's objections.

Scates, however, is thrilled. Not only can he see again, he can see in the dark. He also has an unusually acute sense of hearing, and tears into a raw steak like never before. Unfortunately, he also tends to growl and to target people as prey. Lydia knows why.

Armstrong confesses that she too is a cross-breed but has learned to channel her feral instincts into a source of strength, not violence. She tries to help Scates explore his animal instincts and integrate his spirit with that of the wolf. But Dr Hewitt's colleagues, who have seen Scates's wilder side, are determined to hunt the beast down and destroy him. What they don't know is that Scates has some new friends at the zoo. They travel in packs, and they don't need a full moon to commune. Soon it's a case of man versus beast...

Written by

Genre: Film

Production Year: 1997

2/5 Stars

Classification: 18 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Colour


John Blyth Barrymore...Dr. Paul Hamilton
Brinke Stevens...Dr. Leslie Morgan
J.J. North...Carla Ferguson
Tim Abell...McQueen
Ted Monte...Milo Tyrel
Peter Spellos...Sgt. Frank Blaine
Bob Bragg...Pike
Nikki Fritz...Susan
Robert Quarry...Dr. Farrell
Christopher Ray...Hybrid