PG certificateEarth is a Film programme that first aired in 1930 and has been classified a PG certificate.

Earth is a 3 star programme


Earth (1930)

Directed by
Alexander Dovzhenko

Aleksandr Dovzhenko's classic film tells of a group of Ukrainian peasants who unite to purchase a tractor. Their leader is killed by the local kulak who fears any threat to his authority but the group's strength, like the earth they work, continues. Undeniably a film of its time in terms of the politics portrayed, it endures because of the director's stunning techniques and framing, years ahead of his contemporaries

Written by

Also known as "Zemlya"

Genre: Film

Running Time: 120 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1930

3/5 Stars

Classification: PG Certificate

Production Country: Soviet Union

Filmed in Black and White


Stepan Shkurat...Opanas
Semyon Svashenko...Vasili 'Basil' Opanas
Yuliya Solntseva...Vasili's sister
Yelena Maksimova...Natalya Vasili's fiancee
Nikolai Nademsky...Semyon 'Simon' Opanas
Ivan Franko...Arkhip Whitehorse Khoma's father
Pyotr Masokha...Khoma 'Thomas' Whitehorse
Vladimir Mikhajlov...Village priest
Pavel Petrik...Young party-cell leader
P. Umanets...Chairman of the village Farm Soviet
Ye. Bondina...Farm girl
Luka Lyashenko...Young Kulak