Compulsion is a Film programme that first aired in 2008.

Compulsion is a 3 star programme

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Compulsion (2008)

Directed by
Sarah Harding

One off thriller loosely based on the Jacobean tragedy The Changeling, and starring Ray Winstone and Parminder Nagra.

Anjika Indrani (Nagra) is a modern girl with the world at her feet. Having just finished her degree at Cambridge and in a happy relationship with fellow graduate Alex, she returns in triumph for a lavish celebratory party at the home of her rich Indian industrialist father.

However Anjika feels like her life has ended when her father, Satvik announces that he intends for Anjika to marry Hardik, the son of a business associate. Anjika rails against the unfairness of it - her feckless, party-going brother Jaiman is allowed to do whatever he wants so why can't she?

Help is offered from an unlikely corner. Don Flowers (Winstone) is Satvik's chauffeur, bagman and general factotum. Anjika has always mistrusted and despised Flowers, so is dismissive when he offers to solve her problem for her especially when she hears the price... Flowers wants to spend a night with her.

What if it's her only way out? After all, it's just sex, it won't mean anything... Anjika and Flowers embark on a dark and obsessive sexual relationship. Through Flowers she has found a new sexual awakening, and now nothing in her "ordinary" life seems the same.

Written by

Genre: Film

Running Time: 100 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2008

3/5 Stars

Filmed in Colour

Made for TV


Image for Ray WinstoneRay Winstone...Don Flowers
Image for Ben AldridgeBen Aldridge...Alex
Emma Campbell-Webster...Nell
James Floyd...Jaiman
Image for Parminder NagraParminder Nagra...Anjika Indrani
Bhasker Patel...Ranjit Sharma
Veena Sood...Shriya
Johanna Stanton...Prostitute
Emily Wachter...Claire
Chris Wilson...Ambulance Paramedic
Sargon Yelda...Hardik