Bedazzled (2000)

Directed by
Harold Ramis

This Faustian comedy - about the mishaps that occur when the Devil grants seven wishes to a lovesick divorcee in return for his soul - is a re-make of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's 1967 original.

Directed by Harold Ramis, it stars Brendan Fraser as Elliot Richards, the office nerd who might as well have the word "Loser" tattooed on his forehead when it comes to courting fellow office worker Alison Gardner (Frances O'Connor).

Enter the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley, pictured). The Princess of Darkness offers Richards a contract: seven wishes for his soul. What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything, since the Devil's job is to add a twist to each wish so that they never turn out quite as Elliot expects, with hilarious results.

While not quite as satirically biting as the Cook and Moore original, there's still much to enjoy with Ramis, who directed Groundhog Day and Analyze This, setting up the scenarios that should be perfect for Elliot but always have a hellish twist, requiring him to adopt different personas.

Hurley vamps it up as the Devil and while O'Connor gets a little lost between the two of them, she convinces as the temptation that leads Elliot towards damnation.

Written by , , , ,

Genre: Film

Running Time: 93 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2000

3/5 Stars

Classification: 12 Certificate

Filmed in Colour


Image for Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser...Elliot Richards/Jefe/Mary
Image for Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley...The Devil
Image for Frances OFrances O'Connor...Alison Gardner/Nicole Delarusso
Miriam Shor...Carol/Penthouse Hostess
Orlando Jones...Daniel/Dan/Danny/Esteban/Beach Jock/Lamar Garrett/Dr. Ngegitigegitibaba
Image for Paul AdelsteinPaul Adelstein...Bob/Roberto/Beach Jock/Bob Bob
Toby Huss...Jerry/Alejandro/Beach Jock/Jerry Turner/Lance
Gabriel Casseus...Elliot's cellmate/God
Brian Doyle-Murray...Priest
Jeff Doucette...Desk Sgt.