The Orange British Academy Film Awards is an Entertainment programme.

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The Orange British Academy Film Awards

Coming exactly one month before the American Academy Awards®, The Orange British Academy Film Awards will now play a pivotal role during the pre-Oscars® lobbying process, and with so many outstanding films to choose from this year, the competition will certainly be fierce.

The BAFTAs are awarded annually by members of the Academy to their peers in recognition of their skills and expertise. Internationally renowned, these awards confer enormous prestige on the winners and, as an arbiter of quality, The British Academy's reputation is unequalled.

The glamour factor will be soaring this year as the Academy's unrivalled reputation for quality and prestige will attract all the top names in the industry. If last year's attendee list is anything to go by (Cate Blanchett, Ralph Fiennes, Dame Maggie Smith, Sydney Pollack, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Jude Law, Mike Leigh, Anthony Minghella and Pedro Almodovar to name but a few), this high profile event is certainly one not to be missed.

This year's nominations for Best Film include Almost Famous, Billy Elliot, Galdiator, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Erin Brockovich. The Best Actress Award will go to one of the following, Juliette Binoche, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Michelle Yeoh and one of these lucky guys will be leaving with the Best Actor award, Jamie Bell, Russell Crowe, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, or Geoffrey Rush. Sky One viewers will be able to watch the results as they happen live!

Genre: Entertainment

Running Time: 150 minutes (approx)