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Donna in Need

Donna Air takes to the streets to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of celebrity. She will aim to find out exactly what a celebrity girl about town can get for free. A tongue in cheek look at the world of celebrity. Exclusively on E4.

Donna describes her new show as being an "experiment to try and find out what a celebrity armed with a camera crew can get for free. I really enjoyed doing it, it was a nice change to get out of the studio and onto the streets and have a chance to meet people. Donna in Need was particularly exciting for me as it was the first project for my production company Airhead and was co-produced with Money Productions."

When asked what she managed to "blag" Donna points out her dislike for the term: "On the show we never used the word 'blagging', we prefered to use the word 'donation'. 'Blagging' is such a horrible word." So what exactly did people 'donate'?: "I got everything from a goldfish to a suite at one of Edinburgh's top hotels. In Edinburgh, at Murrayfield we were given a shirt signed by the national rugby team as well as 19 tickets to the next international match. In Cardiff I got £1000 to open a new bar and in London some lovely designer handbags from the Kings Road plus I managed to persuade the Met Bar to let me have a party but I could only persuade one of my friends to turn up to it."

However, it wasn't always plain sailing for Donna: "I didn't get recognised everywhere I went, sometimes it was a bit of a struggle. There were times when I couldn't just trade solely off my celebrity status and I had to rely on my cunning and wit. All I could offer people in return for donations was a signed picture or a personal appearance."

Did she feel guilty about abusing her position as a celebrity?: "Not really, as a lot of the people that gave something got the chance to plug something in return." Donna acknowledges the obvious benefits of her own fame: "My celebrity status has opened certain doors for me, I've got nice tables in restaurants and sometimes I get clothes sent to me. It feels weird but that doesn't mean I think it's necessarily right."

Does she think that the celebrity bubble is about to burst?: "I'm not sure how long this fascination with celebrities will last, but in England at the moment people seem to be hooked on celebrity gossip, you only have to turn on the TV or look in the press to be swamped with stories about soap stars and pop stars."

Donna jokes: "I really enjoyed making Donna in Need and if anyone else wants to donate anything to me they should send things to my agent at the Money Management offices. All donations will be very gratefully received."

Donna in Need starts Sunday May the 6th at 8pm

Hosted by : Donna Air.

Genre: Entertainment

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)


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