Derren Brown Investigates is an Entertainment programme.

Derren Brown Investigates is a 4 star programme

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Derren Brown Investigates

The famous illusionist, Derren Brown, conducted three investigations of supernatural phenomena.

In Liverpool, Joe Power's visit. Joe is a medium and that they can communicate with the dead. Is the alleged paranormal abilities are Joe, or was it just a so-called "cold reading" technique very well known Derrenowi?

Derren then set off to America to learn about Lou Gentile'a, a famous ghost hunter, who for twenty years helping haunted. Lou says it has evidence of the paranormal. He believes that he has photos and video with messages from the spirits. It is even convinced that the power of the spirits can kill. Derren will also explore the so-called method Bronnikowa. Vyacheslav Bronnikow invented it, who says it can use it to see without eyes.

Derren and Judy Dunk, British blind since 1995, going to the Netherlands to take part in a course organized by Bronnikowa. Is his technique may help the blind, even those who were born without eyes?

Although Derren goes to his experiments with complete openness and a sincere desire to find the supernatural, his experience and knowledge allow illusionist look at the objects of his research from a different perspective.

Genre: Entertainment

Running Time: 65 minutes (approx)

4/5 Stars