Dallas (1978)

This soap details the tangled web revolving around the Ewings and all who cross their paths. At the head of the tree is Jock and Ellie, struggling to control the lives of their children. Ruthless JR and his alcohic wife Sue Ellen, who just wants to be loved, Bobby and his caring wife Pam, nervous because of the long standing Barnes-Ewing feud and of course Gary who was sent away together with his timid wife Valene, by his big brother JR.

Genre: Entertainment

Production Year: 1978

4/5 Stars

Classification: PG Certificate

Main Cast

Leif Erickson
Jerome Cowan
Barbara Payton
Antonio Moreno
Reed Hadley
Image for Gary CooperGary Cooper
Ruth Roman
Image for Brenda StrongBrenda Strong
Steve Cochran
Raymond Massey
Zon Murray
Julie Gonzalo
Image for Jesse MetcalfeJesse Metcalfe
Image for Jordana BrewsterJordana Brewster
Allen Case
Josh Henderson
Elena Ramos
Robin Clarke
Judith Ledford
William Bassett