DragonFlyTV is an Education programme.



DRAGONFLY TV showcases the most eager young scientists - children six-to-twelve years old - in a way that encourages all kids to discover the wonders of science.

It's a new approach in science television for kids because it features ordinary children and their own science investigations.

DragonflyTV's simple formula, which is enjoyed by over one million viewers per week, is real kids, doing real science. DragonflyTV takes science out of the classroom, and plops it down in the creepy caves, wild whitewater, family garages and hometown hockey rinks of America. And whatever the locale, DragonflyTV gets personal. Sure, creative children do cool investigations about everything from mutts to Mars, but the show also dives into the lives of these kids.

What are they curious about, interested in, afraid of? Why do they love science and exploration? DragonflyTV's non-stop pop soundtrack and fast camera cuts provide the perfect high-energy backdrop for these youngsters to talk about their science, and about themselves.

In short, DragonflyTV is Real World meets Bill Nye the Science Guy: it's reality programming for the thinking kid.

Genre: Education

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)