Blending action and adventure, V.I.P. is set at an élite bodyguard agency amidst the glamour and fast-paced life of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and trendy Los Angeles.

After saving the life of her movie star date at a star-studded premiere, Vallery (Pamela Anderson Lee) is touted as the most glamorous bodyguard in town and her new-found fame soon catches the attention of a real, but struggling, bodyguard agency. By promising her that she will be the figurehead of the operation, they manage to recruit Val and push their agency into the limelight.

Suddenly, she finds herself in a plush new office, clad in designer clothes and driving fast cars - with desperate celebrities vying for her help. But Val is quick to learn that glamour comes at a price, as she finds herself thrust into dangerous situations for the sake of the firm's reputation.

This is an Emmy-nominated series in which Pamela Anderson Lee brings a comedic edge to her role that was never witnessed during her time as a Baywatch babe.

Genre: Drama

2/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for Ice-TIce-T
Victor Webster
Martin Kove
Clive Robertson
Image for Cliff De YoungCliff De Young
Brian McNamara
Alfonso Ribeiro
Image for Mark SheppardMark Sheppard
Morgan Fairchild
Patrick Kilpatrick
Scott Bryce
Image for Tom ArnoldTom Arnold
Yasmine Bleeth
Sean Kanan
Jay Underwood
David Naughton
Loni Anderson
Ian Ziering
Bronson Pinchot
Robin Thomas Grossman