Touching Evil

Detective Inspector Susan Taylor is one of the best coppers around. Her team at the Organised and Serial Crime Unit are the elite of the police force, so she is not particularly pleased that another Detective Inspector has been foisted on the team - DI Dave Creegan.

Creegan is fast talking and fast thinking, he can inspire and irritate with consummate ease, and while Taylor and her colleagues are at first sceptical of his instinctive and off the wall approach - they soon find their admiration for him growing as they work together.

This tough crime thriller tackles some very powerful issues.

Genre: Drama

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for James NesbittJames Nesbitt
John Duttine
Mary Cunningham
Ralph Ineson
Saskia Downes
Image for Ian McDiarmidIan McDiarmid
Adam Kotz
Michael Hodgson
Ged Simmons
Holly Earl
Riz Abbasi
Kenneth MacDonald
Nicholas Murchie
Image for Alison NewmanAlison Newman
Andrew Scarborough
Image for Robson GreenRobson Green
Margot Leicester
Image for Philip JacksonPhilip Jackson
Image for Nicola WalkerNicola Walker
Michael Feast