Tommies is a Drama programme.



Drama based on war diaries and eye-witness accounts, tracing one real day at war exactly 100 years ago. East Africa. Can Signallers Pavan Jodha and South African Bill Bloomfield negotiate the safety of those besieged in Mkalama Fort by marauding German troops? With Akbar Kurtha, Indira Varma, Rick Warden. By Avin Shah.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 45 minutes (approx)

When is Tommies next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Radio 4 June 7th, 2:15pm and on BBC Radio 4 Longwave June 7th, 2:15pm. See more...

Main Cast

Lee Ross
Jassa Ahluwalia
Rudi Dharmalingham
Dean Logan
Avin Shah
Faye Castelow
Colin Hoult
James Lailey
Sam Dale
Patrick Kennedy
Justin Salinger
Pippa Nixon
Neil Grainger
Image for Indira VarmaIndira Varma
Image for Anna MadeleyAnna Madeley
Nicholas Murchie
Danny Rahim