To Serve Them All My Days is a Drama programme.

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To Serve Them All My Days

When a humble lad from the Welsh valleys, and the son of a Welsh miner, David Powlett-Jones (John Duttine) returns home from the trenches of WWII he returns an invalid after suffering sever shell-shock.

Upon his return he is advised to take up a teaching position after a spell in hospital. However skeptical he becomes about this career change he applies to teach at a private boys boarding school.

Accepted by the school, "Bamfylde" in North Devon, to teach the boys history David has little faith that he can carry out this position properly, but the school's headmaster shows pure faith in his ability.

Before long, he finds himself immersed in the spartan life and quaint traditions of the school, and becomes a much-respected teacher and house-master.

His close involvement with the school helps him cope with the tragic loss of his young wife in a car crash. As World War II looms, he eventually becomes headmaster, after a heated and long-running dispute with his ruthless predecessor.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Neil Stacy
Kim Braden
Archie Tew
David King
Michael Turner
John Line
Andrew Bicknell
Tony Halfpenny
Alistair Wyllie
Alastair Wyllie
Phillip Joseph
Alan MacNaughton
Lockwood West
Ann Wrigg
Stephen Jenn
Belinda Lang
John Welsh
Peter Arne
Norman Bird
John Duttine