The Uninvited is a Drama programme.

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The Uninvited

Photographer Steve Blake (Douglas Hodge) witnesses a horrific car crash, in which James Wilson (David Allister), head of British Nuclear Power, is burned to a crisp.

However Steve is absolutely taken aback the next day when he sees Wilson alive and well, the inquest reveals unanswered oddities, and the detective heading the investigation, John Ferguson (Ian Brimble), is eager to close the case.

When he investigates similar victimless deaths, he learns that Wilson was one of 200 survivors, several years earlier, when coastal village, Sweet Hope, collapsed into the sea, the entire populace saved by 2 policemen (Ferguson and Chief Supt Gates (Leslie Grantham)) - and they all seem to have moved up in their various fields suspiciously quickly since.

When Gates's wife suggests he could have been replaced by an alien after the tragedy, Blake ventures underwater, where he's horrified to find the skeletons of all of Sweet Hope's inhabitants!

So, who are the survivors...?

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 115 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Donald Crisp
Ian Brimble
Kirsten Rolffes
Gillian Barge
Matt Patresi
David Clyde
Jessica Newcombe
Dorothy Stickney
Rita Page
Cornelia Skinner
John Kiernan
David Allister
Barbara Everest
Image for Douglas HodgeDouglas Hodge
Gail Russell
Simon Cook
Ray Milland
Ruth Hussey
Alan Napier
Leslie Grantham