The Bombmaker is a Drama programme.



The Bombmaker

The Hayes' happy family unit is blown apart when their beloved young daughter, Katie, is secretly abducted from her bed one evening.

Andy Hayes (Dervla Kirwan) discovers a ransom note instructing her to leave her husband Martin (Mark Womack) and fly to London alone. If they contact the police their child will disappear forever.

In the hope that she will be re-united with Katie, Andy obeys orders and follows instructions to meet her captors in an unmarked van. Back in Dublin, Martin is powerless to help and becomes frantic with worry when he learns from Andy that there is no demand for money. Something else is wanted of his wife, something far more deadly...

Andy has successfully hidden her past as a terrorist bombmaker, even from Martin. Her kidnappers want her to build a giant bomb in the City of London, which, if detonated, will cause widespread devastation and death.

If she refuses, her daughter will be killed. Andy is left with the horrendous choice of losing her only child or causing the deaths of hundreds of innocent people - what would you do...?

In this tense drama that will leave viewers reeling, there is no escaping the emotional impact of Kirwan's compassionate mother trying desperately to extricate herself from this problem without endangering the life of her child, or that of anyone else. At the same time she is a woman searching for forgiveness for past sins. As author Leather himself puts it, "There are several major twists the audience won't see coming... it's not a run-of-the-mill kidnapping, but you don't find out until the end why the kidnappers have taken the little girl. You think it's an IRA story, but... it constantly keeps you guessing."

The Bombmaker was adapted for the screen by Stephen Leather from his best-selling novel of the same name and marks the fourth collaboration between him and producer Paul Knight.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 90 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Mark Womack
Image for Dervla KirwanDervla Kirwan
Image for Marc WarrenMarc Warren
Image for Samantha BondSamantha Bond
Angeline Ball
Angeline Bell