This series consists of three 10x55min series.

The first series sees a group of English women in 1941 Singapore who become shipwrecked while trying to escape the Japanese invasion, and are captured and put in a prison camp. They and their Dutch companions must all make drastic adjustments to and discoveries about their lives.

The second series, sees the group being moved to a new camp with a completely new pecking order and a particularly vicious camp leader.

And at the beginning of the third series the prisoners are liberated and must re-adjust themselves to live in Singapore, in the aftermath of the war.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

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Main Cast

Stephanie Beacham
Image for Burt KwoukBurt Kwouk
Joanna Hole
Anna Lindup
Sabu Kimura
Josephine Welcome
Eiji Kusuhara
Nicolas Corry
Emily Bolton
Takahiro Oba
Cindy Shelley
Elspet Gray
Preston Lockwood
Bernard Gallagher
Elizabeth Chambers
Karin Foley
Stephanie Cole
Jean Anderson
Ann Bell
Peter Benson