15 certificateStephen King's the Stand is a Drama programme that first aired in 1994 and has been classified a 15 certificate.

Stephen King's the Stand is a 3 star programme

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Stephen King's the Stand (1994)

Directed by
Mick Garris

A nanosecond of computer error is all it takes for humanity to be brought to the edge of extinction. When a military made virus escapes from a bio-chemical research lab, civilisation is brought to its knees. The countryside is destroyed and great cities are decimated as entire populations desperately seek refuge from the disease. All in vain? apart from the very few, that is.

A tiny group of survivors, inexplicably immune to the disease that has annihilated the rest of humanity, band together to try and pick up whatever pieces remain and simply to survive. But there are occult forces at work, focused on two figures: the 108 year old Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg, a man with a winning smile and sinister powers. These two are calling the other survivors to them, appearing in dreams and visions, dividing them into two camps. The purpose? The last stand between good and evil.

Stephen King not only wrote the original novel but he was also persuaded to write the television adaptation himself and to overlook the production in an executive producer role. This makes The Stand one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever brought to the screen, a mini-series that is honest to King's style, characterisation and plot development. It's dark and eerie and will have you hooked before the end of the first episode.

Gary Sinise leads the cast, which also include ex-bratpackers Molly Ringwold and Rob Lowe. Laura San Giacomo from (Sex, Lies and Videotape) also stars and keep an eye out for Sam 'Spiderman' Raimi, Kathy Bates and Ed Harris, all of whom make unaccredited appearances.

Written by

Genre: Drama

Production Year: 1994

3/5 Stars

Classification: 15 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Main Cast

Image for Gary SiniseGary Sinise...Stu Redman
Image for Molly RingwaldMolly Ringwald...Frannie Goldsmith
Image for Jamey SheridanJamey Sheridan...Randall Flagg
Image for Rob LoweRob Lowe...Nick Andros
Image for Laura San GiacomoLaura San Giacomo...Nadine Cross
Image for Ruby DeeRuby Dee...Mother Abigail Freemantle
Image for Miguel FerrerMiguel Ferrer...Lloyd Henreid
Image for Matt FrewerMatt Frewer...Trashcan Man
Image for Corin NemecCorin Nemec...Harold Lauder
Ossie Davis...Judge Richard Farris
Adam Storke...Larry Underwood
Ray Walston...Glen Bateman
Bill Fagerbakke...Tom Cullen
Peter Van Norden...Ralph Brentner
Rick Aviles...Rat Man