Shockers is a Drama programme.



This superb series focuses on three psychologically chilling dramas.

The first drama is entitled, 'Cyclops'. The story is set later on in this decade when an experiment to monitor released prisoners requires them to have a tiny camera implanted behind their retina - sending live pictures back to a probation officer who can then monitor their life and track them down should they need to be called in for some reason.

However, when a sex offender is released on probation, he decides that making his female probation officer watch his every move is the best - and most evil - game in town and subjects her to the most terrifying ordeals.

The second drama "Parent's Night" was written by 'This Life' writer/director Joe Ahearne, and is a dark tale about school bullying.

When a new pupil arrives at his new comprehensive school, he decides to take his video camera to school to film the bullies at work.

However, when his mother watches the disturbing tape, she decides to teach the bullies a brutal, bloody lesson they will never forget.

Finally, in "Ibiza - '<99 Return" the story focuses on two Manchester lads who are heading to the Balearics for their dream holiday of sun, sea, sand and sex.

However on their arrival their dream soon turns into a nightmare cocktail of booze, blood and butchered bodies.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Hugo SpeerHugo Speer
Juliet Aubrey
Image for Tony CurranTony Curran
Aisling O'Sullivan
Stuart Graham