River City is a Drama programme.

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River City

The day arrives for Patrick to take the stand and speak out about Anderson's abuse, but how will he cope under the pressures of the courtroom? Lenny gains an unexpected insight whilst attempting to manipulate Amber into bringing Charlotte home. Will Pete listen to Caitlin or Mikey when it comes to advice about managing his bipolar condition?

Genre: Drama

When is River City next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC 1 Scotland Tomorrow, 8:00pm and on BBC 1 Scotland March 5th, 1:45pm. See more...

Main Cast

Andy Gray
Gayle Telfer Stevens
Sally Howitt
Frank Gallagher
Gerard Miller
Michael MacKenzie
Ron Donachie
Stephen Purdon
Alana Hood
Jenny Hulse
Daniel Kerr
Robin Laing
Gary Lamont
Dawn Steele
Sanjeev Kohli
Benjamin Nugent
Matthew Marrs
Kathryn Howden
Laurie Ventry
Hanna Stanbridge