Private Practice is a Drama programme that first aired in 2007.

Private Practice is a 4 star programme

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Private Practice (2007)

Addison Forbes Montgomery is a renowned surgeon. Having left behind Seattle Grace Hospital, a broken marriage with Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, and her torn relationship with Mark "McSteamy" Sloan, Addison moves to Los Angeles for sunnier weather and happier possibilities.

Addison reunites with her friends from medical school, Naomi and Sam Bennett, joining them at their chic, co-op, Oceanside Wellness Center in Santa Monica. Naomi, a fertility and hormone specialist and majority owner of the clinic, and Sam, an internist whose self-help books have made him the "common man's medical guru," are newly divorced. They co-exist for the sake of their teenaged daughter, Maya, and their medical practice, but the relationship is hardly amicable.

The center's resident pediatrician is Dr. Cooper Freedman, whose success in his profession belies his rocky personal life. He's a serial internet dater who is always attracted to the wrong woman. Most dates end badly for him; some even end in petty or grand theft.

Cooper finds solace and counsel in his closest friend, co-op psychiatrist Dr. Violet Turner - but she's no luckier in love. Able to deftly advise her patients in their relationships, she's intense, determined and unwilling to let outsiders see the obvious cracks in her veneer. Inside, Violet is crumbling after her recent breakup with an ex who has already moved on and married.

Dr. Pete Wilder is the alternative medicine specialist at the practice. Attractive and assured, Pete is a "catch" by any standard; in fact, he's already caught Addison's eye, and he, hers. Though the chemistry is immediate and palpable between the two, Pete's cockiness and confidence conceal a man still reeling from his wife's tragic passing eight years beforehand, a man who has been unable to truly connect with a woman since. With Addison starting anew in Los Angeles, Pete may chance new beginnings in his own life.

Witness to it all at the co-op is the receptionist, William Dell Parker. Young, quirky and confident, Dell may seem like an easygoing surfer, but he's deeply interested in the medical profession. In Addison, he sees the chance to have a mentor and pursue his dream -- becoming a midwife.

Coming in direct conflict with the co-op doctors is Charlotte King, the Chief of Staff of the nearby hospital. A southerner who does not suffer fools gladly, Charlotte believes that the co-op doctors' patient care methods are unorthodox and, therefore, inferior to her own.

For Addison, an old friend's invitation brings her to a new city and a new life full of promise. At Oceanside Wellness Center, the doctors are dedicated pros; it's their private lives that need a little practice.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2007

4/5 Stars

Production Country: USA

Main Cast

Image for Kate WalshKate Walsh...Dr. Addison Montgomery
Image for Paul AdelsteinPaul Adelstein...Dr. Cooper Freedman
KaDee Strickland...Dr. Charlotte King
Image for Taye DiggsTaye Diggs...Dr. Sam Bennett
Image for Amy BrennemanAmy Brenneman...Dr. Violet Turner
Image for Tim DalyTim Daly...Dr. Pete Wilder
Brian Benben...Dr. Sheldon Wallace, Sheldon
Audra McDonald...Dr. Naomi Bennett
Caterina Scorsone...Dr. Amelia Shepherd
Chris Lowell...William 'Dell' Parker, William 'Dell' Parker
Image for Benjamin BrattBenjamin Bratt...Dr. Jake Reilly
Griffin Gluck...Mason Warner
Scott Alan Smith...Therapist
Michael Patrick Thornton...Dr. Gabriel Fife
A.J. Langer...Erica Warner
David Sutcliffe...Officer Kevin Nelson
Geffri Maya Hightower...Maya Bennett
Hailey Sole...Betsey, Betsey Parker, Betsy
Image for James MorrisonJames Morrison...William White
Image for Stephen AmellStephen Amell...Scott Becker