Paranda is a Drama programme.




This compelling new 10-part drama is set and filmed entirely on location in Pakistan. It is more than just a story of relationships, it examines the role of women in society and how they cope with tradition and culture as they pursue their rights for independence.

Janaat, is just a plain and modest village girl who enjoys the simpler things in life and whose life is turned upside when her father is sent to prison. During his sentence, he makes his daughter a special braid, known as a paranda, for her hair, but it is confiscated by the prison officers leaving the father distraught.

The family begins to fall apart and matters worsen when Janaat and her mother are forced to leave their home and village for certain reasons.

Running in parallel to Janaat's story is Farhana's. Now Farhana is a completely different person to Janaat, she is a very independent and modern city girl who is about to be married.

Will their two girls' paths cross? What will life hold in store for them both? And what is the relevance of the paranda?

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)