Once and Again is a Drama programme.

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Once and Again

New love can be hard to take ... Emmy award winner Sela Ward (The Day After Tomorrow)and Billy Campbell star in this compelling drama which follows the lives of two people tending the emotional wounds from recent divorces, while struggling to be good parents. They're both convinced that romance is a thing of the past until they meet, and find themselves falling in love. But the romance is fraught with problems, not least that their children are hoping for reconciliation between their real parents. The ex-spouses aren't being very helpful either, and the couple both have demanding jobs. Can their fragile new love survive?

Genre: Drama

Main Cast

Image for Brett CullenBrett Cullen
Marshall Herskovitz
Rachel True
Tangie Ambrose
Saul Rubinek
John Lehr
Paul Mazursky
Edward Atterton
Sela Ward
Susie Park
Robert Prosky
Dan Lerner
Image for Jane SibbettJane Sibbett
Ally Sheedy
Image for Edward ZwickEdward Zwick
Billy Campbell
Image for Eric StoltzEric Stoltz
Molly Cheek
Image for Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
Anna Galvin