Nowhere Man is a Drama programme.

Nowhere Man

Bruce Greenwood stars as Thomas Veil who, as a photographer, had taken many controversial pictures during recent travels, with one standing out amongst the guests at the opening of his gallery.

Later, at dinner, when he returns from a brief trip to the restroom, he finds his life has changed. The staff does not know him, though he has been a regular there, and his wife is gone.

Later instances prove that his identity has been wiped clean. People whom he knows seem not to know him, including his wife. All of his identification and monetary cards seem to not work or be tied to him. Returning to his gallery, the star picture, four men hanging with their identities covered, is gone.

The next year of Thomas Veil's life is a hunt for the true identities of those dead men, the importance of that picture, and a search for what roll he truly plays in the big picture.

Genre: Drama

Main Cast

Monica Lacy
Saxon Trainor
Jason Waters
Karen Lorre
Jake Martin
Richard Penn
Edith Fields
Edward Edwards
James Lashly
James McDonnell
Phil Reeves
Freda Foh Shen
Trever O'Brien
Tom McCleister
Raye Birk
Laura Leigh Hughes
Robert Cicchini
George DelHoyo
Kayla Blake
Dorie Barton