15 certificateMurder in Mind is a Drama programme and has been classified a 15 certificate.

Murder in Mind is a 3 star programme

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Murder in Mind

Everyone is capable of murder, but what drives someone to such extremes?

David Suchet, Timothy West, Kevin Whately and Steve McFadden are among the all-star casts assembled for "Murder in Mind", a season of psychological thrillers created by Anthony Horowitz.

"Murder in Mind" explores the psychology of the darkest and yet most compelling crime of murder as seen through the eyes of the killer.

This intriguing, fresh concept which is superbly crafted by Anthony Horowitz," says Mal Young, Controller of Continuing Drama Series. "Each self-contained film is linked only by one common theme - death in suspicious circumstances. Cold, calculating and in search of the 'perfect crime', the killer selects a different method of murder which includes euthanasea and a contract killing. Each week, the cast is completely different. A major star assumes the role of the would-be killer in a series reminiscent of the successful 'Play for Today'."

Among the star cast are Gillian Kearney, Reece Dinsdale, Susannah Harker, Keith Allen, Tim Healy, Caroline Goodall, John Thomson, Denise Van Outen and Keeley Hawes.

"The quality of this programme points to the quality of talent that the films have attracted," explains producer Paul Knight. "David Suchet, better known for solving murder crimes as Poirot, crosses the fence to star in the first film; Steve McFadden leads the cast in his first television role outside EastEnders for 101/2 years; and Timothy West stars alongside John Gordon-Sinclair and Judy Parfitt."

In the first edition entitled "Teacher", David Suchet plays Edward Palmer, a respected headmaster at a state boys' school. However, a minor indiscretion in his personal life on a council estate leads to an accidental, but horrific crime. One night, Palmer approaches a rent boy for sex but quickly realises he has made a terrible mistake. THe rent boy pulls a knife, demanding cash but, in a struggle, he is killed. There is worse to come for Palmer. He was seen ... and there's evidence at the murder scene which makes him an easy target for blackmail. His only daughter, Catrin (Gillian Kearney), a nuse, has a plan. Can Palmer, a pillar of the community, thake the law into his own hands or, after battling with his own conscience, will he pursue even more desperate measures?

In "Motive" Susannah Harker and Reece Dinsdale star. The bloody stabbing of an innocent babysitter, Dana Goodhew (Clare Matthews), in what appears to be a moptiveless attack sends shock waves through the small coastal village.

But why did Michael Davies (Reece Dinsdale) decide on the spur of the moment to murder his babysitter? Barbara Davies (Susannah Harker), seemingly an unwilling conspirator to his crime, sticks by her husband.

Ransacking their home, Michael sets about disposing of the evidence before joining Barbara and their friends at the local pub quiz night. The couple beleive that they have committed the perfect crime. When the police investigate, Michael and Barbara insist that there must have been a break-in whilst they were both out, and that the burglar killed Dana during a struggle.

But what was the motive behind this bloody crime, and why would a burglar remove the weapon from the murder scene? Racked by guilt, Michael begins to crack under the strain and the facade begins to slip.

"This murderous couple certainly have blood on their hands and are having problems living with their dark and dirty deed," says executive producer Paul Knight. "They appear to be two very ordinary people, yet they have murdered their babysitter. It is totally intriguing."

Ian Kelsey and Tim Healy star in Murder In Mind "Vigilante", the latest in Anthony Horowitz's season of psychological thrillers.

When close friends Liam (Ian Kelsey), David (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Jack (Alan Stocks) read in a newspaper that there is a paedophile living on their estate, they decide that it is their duty to protect the community. After a few drinks in their local pub, they pay the man a visit, with the intention of "giving him a friendly warning" and persuading him to leave town. But their plan goes horribly wrong when David delivers a fatal blow and, to the amazement of the three friends, the man falls dead at their feet.

It is an accident, but the friends panic. Liam quickly organises a cover-up, eliminating all traces of forensic evidence from the house. He seems to be an expert in forensics. The three men arrange their alibis and go their separate ways; Liam to his nightshift - as a police officer.

The following day, PC Liam Taylor is assigned to assist DCI Colin Duggan (Tim Healy) in the investigation of the same suspicious death. Liam sees it as a way of keeping one step ahead.

Jack's name comes up as a possible suspect and Dave is beginning to crack under the pressure. If Liam is found to have been involved in the crime, his career as a police officer will be over. But how far will he go to save his own skin?

"It is inspired by real events but explored in a different way," explains writer Stephen Leather. "It is fascinating to find out how someone can get to a stage where they can be ready to attack someone, even kill them. To make the mental jump, to really want to kill someone, is a huge step for the average person."

In "Neighbour" An Englishman's home is his castle - and woe betide anyone who breaches the moat. But just how far should one go if their next door neighbour is driving them up their very expensive walls?

Nigel Liddy (Kevin Whately) and his wife Joanne (Caroline Goodall) live in a suburban cul-de-sac somewhere in middle England. They drive a Ford Mondeo, they vote New Labour, they used to have nice neighbours.

But their neighbours moved... and in their place came the Squires. Alan (John Thomson) and his trophy wife Debra (Denise Van Outen) are moving up in the world. They drive a Range Rover and a BMW convertible, they vote Conservative, and they are the neighbours from hell.

Alan is oblivious to the fact that he and his family are turning Nigel from the quiet English silent majority into a vindictive, obsessed man.

"His neighbours just aren't used to this brash, larger-than-life character turning up in their quiet neighbourhood," says John Thomson. "Worse of all, apart from his noise pollution, there is nothing they can really nail on him, as he's not actually doing anything against the law."

Nigel records all the "nightmare" events but struggles to find anyone who will take his complaint seriously and very quickly reaches breaking point. He realises there is only one solution to his problem... one final solution.

"Nigel is a very contented, easy-going guy who very quickly reaches the end of his tether," says Kevin Whately. "He becomes totally paranoid about this awful man who has moved in next door. He develops a siege mentality and feels totally hemmed in and more and more trapped. In the end you have to ask the question: `Who is the nightmare neighbour - him or me?'"

In "Sleeper", the bloodied head of a hammer lies tangled in the bed sheets as a terrifying idea dawns on a troubled young woman, in the final instalment of this season of psychological thrillers created by Anthony Horowitz.

Deborah (Keeley Hawes) is a history postgraduate student, living with three flatmates, one of whom is her long-term boyfriend, James. The relationship becomes increasingly fractious as Deborah's finals draw near.

Her fitful sleep is punctuated by inexplicable bouts of sleepwalking; James seems less than sympathetic. After seeing a psychologist, Deborah realises that the cause of her unease is the fact that James is having an affair:

After a blazing row, he storms out and, the following morning, Deborah wakes up next to a blood-spattered claw hammer. What has she done? Could she have attacked someone in her sleep? Is she really going insane? Or has someone taken advantage of her affliction?

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

3/5 Stars

Classification: 15 Certificate

Main Cast

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Mark Womack
Peter Boyle
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Rachel Bell
John Bowe
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Helen Baxendale
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Nigel Havers
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