McCready and Daughter is a Drama programme.



McCready and Daughter

McCready (Lorcan Cranitch) and Clare (Patsy Palmer) are private investigators with a difference.

Each week they uncover the deep secrets and passions that exist amongst families and friends and which drive people to desperate acts. Italian restaurants, dating agencies, pubs, libraries and small family businesses prove to be hotbeds of passion, rivalry, hatred and forbidden love.

Other people's family secrets bring to the fore McCready and Clare's own relationship. Divided by generation, united by blood, theirs is a funny, touching and modern bond between a father and a daughter.

In a drama very much about domestic dilemmas McCready and Clare have to negotiate their relationships with Donal (Brendan Coyle) and Laura (Kim Thompson) - brother/uncle and ex-wife/mother respectively.

In the first edition of the new series, entitled "Hobglobin" Clare (Patsy Palmer) goes undercover at a pub when Diane Ryder (Gillian Taylforth) asks McCready & Daughter to investigate the hit-and-run murder of her husband, Tony.

Diane claims that Tony appeared to her in a dream and told her that he was killed by someone he knew, so McCready (Lorcan Cranitch) sends Clare to work undercover at Hobgoblin, the pub that Tonv owned, so that she can observe his partners, Alan Tute (Andy Baker) and Harry Clough (Danny Webb), as well as his old friend and head barman, Leo Dowling (Bob Mason).

With some surprising help from Donal (Brendan Coyle), McCready discovers that the pub accounts are £50,000 down. Then Diane reveals a trail of fraud stretching as far as Spain, where Tony's last pub was mysteriously torched.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Lorcan Cranitch
Leanne Rumbold
Albert Walling
Paul Heasman
Lisa Coleman
Matt Patresi
Maureen O'Brien
Charlotte Coleman
David Westhead
Image for Brendan CoyleBrendan Coyle
Kim Thomson
Image for Patsy PalmerPatsy Palmer
Robert Morgan
Gillian Taylforth
Kemal Sylvester
Image for Daragh ODaragh O'Malley
Image for Michelle FairleyMichelle Fairley
Cyriack Stevenson