MacGyver is a Drama programme that first aired in 1985.

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MacGyver (1985)

Angus Macgyver is a secret agent, he is quiet, mild mannered, and refuses to carry a gun. Fortunately he is able to make use of any mundane materials around him to create solutions.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1985

Main Cast

Image for Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson...MacGyver
Dana Elcar...Andy Colson, Pete Thornton, Pete Thornton/Santa Claus
Bruce McGill...Jack Dalton, Jack Dalton/Lucky Charlie's imposter, Jack Dalton/'The Great Sheldrake'
Elyssa Davalos...Lisa Kohler/Mrs. Lisa Kosov, Nicole Anne 'Nikki' Carpenter, Nicole 'Nikki' Carpenter, Nikki Carpenter
Robin Mossley...Alexander Shannon, Charity Santa Claus, Earl, Wilt Bozer, Wrigley
Michael Des Barres...Murdoc, Murdoc/Jacques LaRue
Image for Teri HatcherTeri Hatcher...Penny Parker
John Anderson...Harry Jackson
Claire Brown...Betty, Dr. Sylvia Warner, Eunice, Pam
Jackson Davies...Father Pat Lafferty, Police Captain Mike Kiley, Police Det. Mike Kiley, Police Lt. Mike Kiley, Sam Mulligan
Kevin Hayes...Newscaster, Reporter, Vince King Reporter
Bruce Harwood...Juice, Willis
Dale Wilson...Colin Yardrow, Crandell, Dennis, Erik Dunlop, Sundance
Gerry Bean...Ahriman, Dick Russell, Garris, Wilcox
Paul Bittante...Guard, Officer, Police Officer, Security Cop
Charles Andre...Carmine, Kirk Delaney, Policeman #2, Tony
Bill Croft...Donnelly, Max, Rote, Tansey
Robert Donner...Benjamin Wintergreen, Milt Bozer, Vince
Vince Deadrick Jr....Eric Romburg, Hood #2, 'Mobile One' Ranger, Woody
Image for Cuba Gooding Jr.Cuba Gooding Jr....Billy Colton, Ray Collins