In Deep is a Drama programme.

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In Deep

This two-part drama continues the BBC's "Crime Doubles" season.

The story follows a couple of undercover cops investigating fellow officers suspected of collusion with a powerful vice ring.

It offers a fresh take on modern-life villains, informants and the police. It offers a unique insight into the world of undercover cops, uncovering exactly how dangerous and psychologically challenging the work can be and exploring the effect it can have on family life.

In an attempt to infiltrate the web of corruption, they set up a drugs deal. But when this goes disastrously wrong, it becomes obvious that someone of high rank is playing for the opposition

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 55 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Nick BerryNick Berry
Image for Stephen TompkinsonStephen Tompkinson
Karianne Henderson
Lisa Maxwell
Buster Reece
Image for Meera SyalMeera Syal
Ken Bones
Ewan Stuart
Barry McCormick
Sue Jenkins
Kate Gartside
Joanna Roth
Image for Nicholas PinnockNicholas Pinnock
Steven Elder
Image for Maria FriedmanMaria Friedman
Krysia Pepper
Mossie Smith
Kevin Quarmby
John Pythian
Image for Ian McShaneIan McShane