Good vs Evil is a Drama programme.

Good vs Evil is a 3 star programme

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Good vs Evil

If you ever worried about what happens when you die then this supernatural drama is for you. In the world of Good Vs Evil you can't get through the pearly gates of Heaven without paying your dues by working for the 'Corps' battling the forces of darkness before you can move on up ... or down. This cool, quirky, cult classic stars two deceased guys (one definitely from the days of disco) coping with not only death but the quite mean and eternally damned, mayhem-making Morlocks. Armed only with wisecracks and a healthy dose of scepticism, Chandler Smythe (Clayton Rohner) and Henry McNeil (Richard Brooks) are the heroes of this truly original series. Combining witty dialogue with engaging camera work and strong plot lines this series is part Pulp Fiction, part Mission: Impossible and part Starsky And Hutch.

The Corps is an organisation working on Earth in the Almighty's battle against evil. It functions much like a police force in any large Metropolitan area, complete with departments ranging from paramedics, forensic specialists and therapists to intelligence agents and munitions experts. Its objective is to wage war against the forces of darkness, whose minions have mixed with the mortals on Earth and are intent on causing trouble wherever they can. The agents of the Corps have all died their mortal deaths and have been reborn into their new positions. They can still be injured or killed, and once this happens they are again sent to the gates of Heaven to be assessed according to their performance in the Corps. This gives them one last chance to guarantee the future of their own souls, while at the same time saving the souls of those mortals whose willingness to give in to temptation will eventually lead to eternal damnation.

The bad guys fall into two categories: the Morlocks and the Faustians. The Faustians are mortals who have made a deal with the Devil and are living out their life enjoying the fruits of that deal. Once they die they become Morlocks so it is up to the agents of the Almighty to track down and attempt to rehabilitate these individuals by making them renounce, of their own free will, whatever gain has been afforded them by their Faustian bargain. The Morlocks have already been condemned to eternal damnation. They are sarcastic and malevolent and thrive on chaos. Wherever they go, blackmail, murder and mayhem are sure to follow. These agents of evil are lost causes that can not be rehabilitated and as such the Corps must eliminate them before they can perpetrate more evil crimes.

So there are the good guys and the bad guys - which sounds straightforward - however, watch out for the twists and turns in this thrilling series as all is not what it seems...

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

Clayton Rohner...Chandler Smythe
Image for Richard BrooksRichard Brooks...Henry McNeil
Googy Gress...Decker Benbow
Marshall Bell...Ford Plasko
Tony Denman...Ben Smythe
Blake Heron...Dellus
Susie Park...Walker Rothenberg
Marianne Filali...Esmeralda Garcia, Esmerelda Garcia
Jack Esformes...Jack, Random Agent
Austin Lander...Mace
Ashleigh Aston Moore...Aunt Elizabeth
Karen Hartman...Receptionist
Rolando Molina...Bennie, Dragon Fly Bouncer
Image for Kristin MinterKristin Minter...Annalise
Image for Dominic KeatingDominic Keating...Sergei Draskovic, Tomek Walenski
Nicholas Sadler...Luis Rivera
Kim Robillard...Ernie Trickle, Geraldo
Jack Axelrod...Jacobus Blitzer
Image for John BillingsleyJohn Billingsley...Bill Kaplan
Lisa Boyle...Gigi Peaks