Fallen is a Drama programme.

Seasons in Detail



On Aaron's eighteenth birthday, life as he knows it changes forever. He develops unusual powers and a strange dream haunts him. A homeless man named Ezekiel, who claims to be a fallen angel, tells Aaron that he is a Nephilim, part human and part angel, and the Powers, an army of angels, are coming to destroy him.

Aaron at first cannot believe that he has been drawn into a centuries long battle between the Powers and the Fallen, a group of angels who have been banished from heaven. Soon he will have to accept the truth as inexplicable things keep happening around him, his abilities increase and strange people start following him.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 90 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Jonathan Cake
Image for Simone LahbibSimone Lahbib
Nicholas Hope
Kerrie Taylor
Gary Love
David Gant