Diagnosis Murder

Lighthearted mystery drama series about a hospital doctor who uses his sleuthing skills to help the LAPD crack baffling cases.

Also known as "Diagnosis Meurtre"

Genre: Drama

4/5 Stars

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Main Cast

Image for Dick Van DykeDick Van Dyke...Dr. Mark Sloan, Dr. Mark Sloan/Gangster John 'Mr. G' Gotti, Dr. Mark Sloan/Jonathan Nash/J. Edison Nash/Judith Nash/Julian Nash
Image for Barry Van DykeBarry Van Dyke...Det. Steve Sloan, Steve Sloan
Image for Victoria RowellVictoria Rowell...Amanda, Amanda Bentley, Amanda Bentley Livingston, Amanda Bentley-Livingston, Amanda Bentley-Livingston/Danielle Slade, Dr. Amanda Bentley-Livingston
Charlie Schlatter...Dr. Jesse Travis, Jesse Travis
Michael Tucci...Norman Briggs
Delores Hall...Nurse Delores Mitchell
Scott Baio...Dr. Jack Stewart
Image for Kevin McNallyKevin McNally...Bartender, EMT, Paramedic, Will Sanders, Will Saunders
Shane Van Dyke...Alex Smith, Jake Hallman, Shane Marshall, Tommy Anders
Charmin Lee...Cheryl, Det. Cheryl Banks, Det. Cheryl Brooks
Joanna Cassidy...Dr. Madison Wesley
Kim Little...Nurse Susan Hilliard
Image for Harry LennixHarry Lennix...Agent Ron Wagner
Image for Susan GibneySusan Gibney...Det. Tanis Archer, Genevieve Ducasse, Maya, Sgt. Tanis Archer
Fran├žois Giroday...Dr. Herb Downey
Dara Tomanovich...Ariel
Carey Van Dyke...Brendan Kelly, Carl Simpson, Craig Wilson, Kyle Lewis, Mr. Kelso, Terry Marshall
J Larry Carroll
John Schneider...Michael Dern
Lee Newman...Bellman, Cameraman, Dan, Det., Swarthy Man