PG certificateDeceit is a Drama programme and has been classified a PG certificate.




The two-part thriller has been based on the bestselling novel by Clare Francis.

The story follows a wife and mother, called Ellen Richmond (Francesca Annis) who begins to make alarming discoveries about her husband Harry, a well-to-do Suffolk businessman, when he is reported lost at sea.

Her fears are heightened by the appearance of a figure from her husband's past who claims that the rescue services are searching for his yacht in the wrong place.

At his memorial service, financial and political scandals start to emerge. The Harry that Ellen knew and loved turns out to have had several hidden lives. A colleague of Harry's tries to uncover the truth about Harry's death.

But it isn't what everyone seems, and soon Ellen's world will come crumbling around her ears.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 70 minutes (approx)

Classification: PG Certificate

Main Cast

Francesca Annis
James Hazeldine
Christopher Fulford
Ger Ryan
David Horovitch
Sammy Glenn
Alberto Dentice