Boon is a Drama programme.

Seasons in Detail

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This show was previously broadcast on ITV between 1986 and 1992. Michael Elphick plays the role of 'Ken Boon', an ex Fireman who was invalided out of the service and refusing to accept that he is on life's scrap heap sets up as a market gardener.

As the story progresses, Ken gives up his market garden business, invests money in his best friend's (Harry Crawford) new hotel, 'The Coaching Inn', and sets up a motor-bike despatch service, 'the Texas Rangers'. And two new youngsters come into his life: Debbie Yates (Lesley-Anne Sharpe), the chirpy Scouse lass who's tiny but brainy and as sharp as a needle, and Rocky Cassidy (Neil Morrissey) the biker who, underneath his threatening black leathers, is just a gentle, vulnerable Midlands lad.

Whatever Boon does, he always ends up sorting out other people's problems, and this often leads to trouble. Because of this unsolicited experience, his skills as a private detective soon become recognised, and business picks up so much that Harry and Ken set up 'Boon-Daly Investigations'. Harry prefers the life of an entrepreneur, which doesn't always help their lives to go smoothly, but with the help of Rocky, their willing assistant, Boon always seems to sort things out. Even though his own life is far from being on the straight and narrow.

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Martin JarvisMartin Jarvis
Sarah-Jane Holm
Laurence Moody
Barrie Rutter
Danny Webb
Neil Morrisey
Emma Davies
Tom Watt
Joseph Marcel
Joan Scott
Ollie Marsden
Teddie Thompson
Image for Meera SyalMeera Syal
Michelle Newell
Gordon Warnecke
Patricia Hayes
Ian Knox
Nicholas Monu
Sarah Grace
Neil Morissey