Wanted: New Mum and Dad is a Documentary programme.


Wanted: New Mum and Dad

Two-part series which examines what it is like to be put up for adoption from the perspective of children seeking new families. The results are tender, unsentimental and at times surprisingly funny.

The first programme focuses on Daniel, Rhiannon and Sean: three young children aged between seven and nine who, in their in own words and through their own eyes, share their moving and personal experiences from being in care to finally moving into their new and permanent homes. Made over the past 18 months, the makers of this film, like the children themselves, had no idea from start to finish where their journeys would take them.

The final programme focuses on the agonising decision facing all social workers; whether to place siblings in separate foster homes and whether they should be put up for adoption together or apart. When faced with a large group of siblings from one family, or siblings where one has problem behaviour, it is almost impossible for the social workers to find one suitable family. Northamptonshire Social Services, who feature in this series and who have granted the filmmakers exceptional access into their adoption programme, are no exception. Tonight's film follows the stories of two sets of brothers Robert and Scott, aged seven and six, and David aged ten and his five-year-old brother Tommy.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)