The House That £100k Built is a Documentary programme that first aired in 2013.

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The House That £100k Built (2013)

With house prices out of the reach of many people and banks refusing to lend, buying a home in the UK is becoming an impossible dream. So a few brave but ordinary souls are trailblazing what could be the solution for all of us - trying to build their own house from scratch. Architectural journalist and critic Kieran Long and award winning architect Piers Taylor are following self-builders as they take on the biggest gamble of their lives. Kieran and Piers will try to help them create the house they've longed for. But all have less than £100k to spend, little or no experience and life savings on the line.

Genre: Documentary

Production Year: 2013

Main Cast



Kieran Long...Presenter
Piers Taylor...Presenter