Sunday Feature is a Documentary programme.


Sunday Feature

Pianist and self-confessed Glenn Gould obsessive James Rhodes visits Toronto to go in search of his boyhood hero, seeking the truth of Gould's personality from those closest to him. James tracks down the Canadian pianist's very closest acquaintances and finds them not just open and honest but fiercely loyal to him and still deeply moved by their memories 35 years after his untimely death. And as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary year, James also meets prime minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the country's colonial past, diverse present and promising future: a future which may well produce the next Glenn Gould.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 45 minutes (approx)

When is Sunday Feature next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Radio Three June 25th, 6:45pm and on BBC Radio Three July 2nd, 6:45pm. See more...

Main Cast

Image for Nicky HensonNicky Henson
John Dougall
Jamie Glover
Eleanor Tremain
Peter Marinker
John Lightbody