Show Me What You're Made of is a Documentary programme.

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Show Me What You're Made of

Five British kids work and live alongside the people that make their favourite things. It is the teens' last factory in Asia, and they make their way to a fish-canning plant on the Taiwanese coast. If they thought factory work would get any easier, they were wrong! Some of them find the fish smell overwhelming and are horrified to discover that one job is boxing up fish heads and guts after the choice meat has been canned. Can they face their worst nightmare? Will they be able to finally show their last factory boss that they can manage a day's work even though they might not want to? As they finish up in Taiwan and fly home to the UK, will they be able to show their families that their incredible trip has really changed them?

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 25 minutes (approx)

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It's next showing on CBBC December 11th, 12:10pm and on CBBC December 11th, 8:30pm. See more...