Show Me What You're Made of is a Documentary programme.

Image for the Documentary programme "Show Me What You're Made of"
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Show Me What You're Made of

Five British kids work and live alongside the people that make their favourite things. Teenagers Ellie, Alice, Faith, Joe and Sam go to two countries in Asia - Cambodia and Taiwan. They begin their working journey in the bustling capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. As they start their first job in an enormous bag factory manufacturing for the world export market, who will succeed and who will fail in this place of exacting standards and strict rules? At night, as they get their first taste of living like a local, will our teens settle in or decide that it's all too much for them?

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 25 minutes (approx)

When is Show Me What You're Made of next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC May 27th, 6:10pm and on CBBC May 28th, 1:00pm. See more...