Our School is a Documentary programme.

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Our School

Documentary series following a group of students in their first year of secondary school. Year 7 have a special guest in assembly - Paralympic swimmer Clare Cashmore, who inspires them with her talk about the challenges she has had to face to win her medals. For Ella, one of the louder Year 7 girls, this first term at secondary is proving a challenge as she struggles to stay focused and on task. Meanwhile, Olivia may not have any problems with her attitude or behaviour, but she worries that she might be seen as a 'goody two-shoes'. When the girls are paired on a school canoeing trip, teachers hope they might help each other so that Olivia can let her hair down and Ella can focus her energies in a positive way.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

When is Our School next on TV?

It's next showing on CBBC May 27th, 12:45pm. See more...