One Born Every Minute is a Documentary programme that first aired in 2010.

One Born Every Minute is a 5 star programme

Image for the Documentary programme "One Born Every Minute"

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One Born Every Minute (2010)

Every minute of every day, a baby is born in Britain. One Born Every Minute celebrates what it really feels like to become a parent, by filling a bustling maternity hospital with 40 cameras.

Also known as "One Born Every Minute Ep4", "One Born Every Minute Ep7"

Genre: Documentary

Production Year: 2010

5/5 Stars

Main Cast

David Brindley
Emily Smith
Sophie Jones
Lottie Gammon
Tom Pullen
Morag Tinto
Sophie Waldron
Kate Taunton
Javotte Flatman
Sanjay Singhal
Lorraine Charker-Phillips
Lucy Bowden
Denise Mather
Amy Joyce
Bethan Arwel-Lewis
Dominique Foster
Sarah Swingler
Holly Moy
Lisa Smith
Simon Kerfoot