Lesbian's Behaving Badly is a Documentary programme.


Lesbian's Behaving Badly

This is a modern, fresh and funky, one-off special which aims to take a closer look at lesbian culture and also take a peep at how it has evolved into its current state.

Featuring footage from London's notorious sex district, Soho, this programme shows a new lesbian London where women-who-love-women are behaving badly.. very badly indeed!

Shaking off the old, ugly stereotypes of dungaree-wearing, hairy-legged, skinhead dykes, which have kept the reality of lesbian culture hidden and misunderstood by the masses, this fresh and lively look at the ultimate girls' night out uncovers the no-holds-barred truth of what really goes on when these lovely ladies choose to let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

In this up-beat, exposé cameras hone in on the new lesbian London, with exclusive access to Loose, the lesbian strip night at Soho's Sunset Strip, and to the lesbian 'mother ship' The Candy Bar - the first full-time women's bar in the UK. Witness never-before-seen footage of the girls behaving badly and the nights in full swing. As a group, this new breed of lesbians can afford and enjoy this new wave of frivolity and sexual confidence, with lesbians earning on average £3000 per year more than their straight female counterparts.

Those responsible for the phenomenal success of the club are themselves extraordinary characters: Kim Lucas is behind all Candy Bar events, and has become a leading lesbian socio-cultural commentator. Then there's Rachael, a publicist and photographer for The Candy Bar, who is also an established face at the heart of the lesbian and gay scene; Victoria, a lipstick lesbian who celebrates the release that the bar affords and the gorgeous Crystal, everyone's favourite of the resident dancers at Loose.

This hour long special, will prove that the lesbians have loosened up and are loving it!

Genre: Documentary