Langan behind the Lines is a Documentary programme.

Langan behind the Lines

Leaving behind his Western preconceptions, Sean Langan travels through the Middle East to explore some of the world's countries least frequented by Westerners.

Langan Behind the Lines charts this remarkable journey - involving danger and secret filming - which seeks to shed light on Seans assumptions about life in these closed societies.

Sean's journey begins in Afghaniustan where television is banned, filming is difficuylt and dangerous men in jeeps - the "Vice and Virtue" squads - patrol the streets searching for anyone breaking the rules. He meets the Taliban, the extreme group who have taken control and imposed strict Islamic laws on most of the country.

Sean says: "I wanted to leave behind my Western preconceptions about so called 'Islamic Extremism', go behind the headlines and stereotypes and see how things really are in the Middle East. I started in Afghanastan and then travelled on to Iran, Iraq and Gaza - not exactly tourist destinations, but then how much do we really know about them?"

And this is all the beginning..

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 40 minutes (approx)