Iraq - Kuwait: A Borderline Case is a Documentary programme.

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Iraq - Kuwait: A Borderline Case

From Washington, D.C., to London, and on to the Persian Gulf, and Baghdad the "drums of war" are beginning to beat louder, and as the United States considers a possible attack on Iraq for violations of UN Resolutions the history of this region comes into play.

Over the past one hundred years this border has seen much controversy and bloodshed. Now international journalist Richard Blystone chronicles the frontier's history putting into perspective how the region has once again come to the brink of war.

Iraq-Kuwait: A Borderline Case is a compelling and powerful history featuring some of the world's top historical experts, and political authorities on this subject. These interviews include: Lord Hurd, former British Foreign Secretary, Gen. Anthony Zinni, former Commander, U.S. Central Command, Julian Harston, Director of UN Peacekeeping, and Professor Charles Tripp, one of the top historians on the Persian Gulf. Also featured is Richard Schofield of Kings College, London, and David Finnie, author of "Shifting Lines in the Sand."

From the region the programme speaks with Kuwait's Minister of Information and Oil, Sheikh Ahmed Al Sabah, The Sharif Ali Bin Al Hussein, the Heir to the Iraqi Throne, Iraq's Minister of Information, and Ambassador Tarek Al Razzouki, Kuwait's member of the UN Demarcation Commission, plus two past members of the UN Demarcation Commission.

The exclusive video and sound which includes a look behind the fences of the "no-man's land," and "no-photography" frontier, is shot by crews in the Gulf, Turkey, London, and the United States while combining archival film footage dating back more than a hundred years.

Iraq-Kuwait A Borderline Case is an unprecedented visual and historic account of a region's history in this tumultuous part of our world. It is a riveting one-hour television event for audiences around the globe.

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Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 50 minutes (approx)


Richard Blystone...Narrator