Hollywood Aliens and Monsters is a Documentary programme that first aired in 1997.

Hollywood Aliens and Monsters is a 4 star programme

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Hollywood Aliens and Monsters (1997)

This three-part documentary traces the history of Hollywood's most famous monsters and aliens.

The aim of this documentary is to chronicle the history of aliens and monsters and their role in the evolution of Hollywood.

From "Nosferatu" to the T Rex in "Jurassic Park", the "Wolfman" to "Alien" this enthralling programme features an array of classic clips as well as interviews with the people who made them come to life.

Presented by : Mark Hamill (Star Wars).

Sci-Fi Airing Times:

Part One = Tuesday 7th November at 8pm

Part Two = Wednesday 8th November at 8pm

Part Three = Thursday 9th November at 8pm

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1997

4/5 Stars


Image for Mark HamillMark Hamill...Presenter