Grayson Perry: All Man is a Documentary programme.

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Grayson Perry: All Man: Rational Man

Series 1, episode 3

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Arthur Carey

Grayson Perry visits the City of London as he continues to investigate contemporary masculinity. The upper echelons of the financial world are still dominated by one gender: 84% of senior City bankers are men. Bankers and traders tell Grayson that the modern city is about cool, calm rationality, but he encounters resistance as he asks about masculinity's role in its affairs. He's told that testosterone-fuelled trading is dying out, but he questions whether emotion and aggression have really disappeared. When he meets those at the top of the tree, he gets some startlingly honest answers, as one hedge-fund manager tells him how much he enjoyed the crash. In a tense finale, Grayson makes two artworks, shows them to the men who inspired them, and receives some of the least glowing reviews of his career. Editor: Rupert Houseman;