Grayson Perry: All Man is a Documentary programme.

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Grayson Perry: All Man: Hard Man

Series 1, episode 1

Directed by (unconfirmed)
Neil Crombie

Turner Prize-winning artist and double Bafta Award-winning Grayson Perry investigates contemporary masculinity. As a frock-wearing, mountain-biking father of one, he's got a unique perspective on his own tribe. In each episode, Grayson spends time in a different ultra-male world to see what their extreme maleness can tell us about the changing lives and expectations of all men in Britain today, as Grayson reflects on his prejudices, his own masculine identity and his upbringing. In this first episode, Hard Man, Grayson plunges into the world of cage-fighting, or Mixed Martial Arts, in north-east England. As a self-described 'life-long sissy', Grayson has a problem with machismo, but as he spends time with the fighters, many of his expectations about hyper-macho men are overturned. Grayson tries to understand what lies behind this 'hard man' image.