Grace Kelly is a Documentary programme.


Grace Kelly

A chance to see the troubled story of the Oscar-winning screen goddess who became a Princess.

Films such as The Country Girl, To Catch A Thief, High Society and High Noon made her a household name.

Outwardly Grace radiated a cool, serene beauty. However this programme unveils an inner world of turmoil as Grace was torn between competing passions - her love of God and her love of love itself.

According to one of her many ex-lovers: 'The coolness of her attitude camouflaged a very sexual personality'.

When she swapped her movies for Monaco with her marriage to Prince Rainier, it seemed she was choosing a fairytale life.

However those closest to her tell of growing frustration and unhappiness. Increasingly, she turned to religion for solace.

The programme also reveals that her spiritual needs eventually led Grace Kelly to join a mysterious cult - a cult so deadly that it would later become a byword for murder and suicide. It was a sad chapter in a life that was cut short by her tragic death in an as yet unexplained car accident.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Cheryl Ladd